Manual Handling Awareness Course for Early Childhood Teachers

The aim of this course is to identify areas within your operations in which manual handling could present an occupational health risk. We would also like you to understand some of the long term impacts of manual handling injuries and how to avoid them.

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What I will learn?
  • Manual Handling and Associated Risks
  • Performing a Risk Assessment and Applying Safe Manual Handling Techniques

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Free Online Manual Handling Course

Optional Certificate: €10

This course is an online / theoretical awareness course, it does not include practical assessment by the instructor. Please check that the course meets the regulations in your country before proceeding.

Course Aim

The aim of this manual handling course is to help you identify areas within your operations in which manual handling could present an occupational health risk at operative level. We would also like for you to understand some of the long term impacts manual handling injuries could present within the childcare industry and what you can do to best manage such risks at your workplace

Why Childcare Professionals Should Do A Manual Handling Course?

In early childhood education and care settings, injuries can often come from tasks like lifting children, moving heavy objects, and a lot of bending, twisting or reaching. According to one estimate, a childcare worker can bend two hundred times through the work shift and some can potentially lift a combined thousands of kilograms each day. 

Our manual handling course online helps avoid injury, staff time off and can teach teams to work together. Childcare professionals will learn to evaluate and assess the risks associated with their specific workplace, which will vary depending on the specific setting. The aspects of manual handling that will be touched upon in the three following modules: 

Module 1: Manual Handling and Associated Risks

Module 2: Performing a Workplace Risk Assessment

Module 3: Applying Safe Manual Handling techniques

Manual Handling For Childcare Professionals Certificate

There is a certificate available after you have completed the refresher manual handling online course for a fee. Please note, we do not give refunds. A date of completion is present on the certificate. 

Please Note: We have taken every effort to provide a theoretical course based on best practice regarding manual handling for early childhood professionals and educators. However, it is the learners responsibility to ensure that this manual handling course meets the training and legal requirements for their workplace and country.

About the Instructor

Adel Lawson (CMIOSH) is an occupational Health and Safety professional and trainer with more than 20 years’ experience working in a wide range of industries in the United Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East. In a training career spanning for many years, Adel has developed and trained more than 50,000 persons working for multinational organisations and fortune 100 companies worldwide. He has been part of teams which have achieved exceptional safety performances and an advocate of building strong safety cultures through training, strong leadership and behavioural change. Adel has developed award winning training programs and highly effective training methodologies which ensures organisations achieve the most effective culture changes in the most efficient manner.

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