Food Safety Course for Early Childhood Teachers

Module 1: Essentials of Food Safety Module 2: Food Safety Control Measures within the Workplace Module 3: Healthy Eating in the Early Years Setting

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What I will learn?
  • Module 1: Essentials of Food Safety and Module 2: Food Safety Control Measures within the Workplace
  • Module 3: Healthy Eating in the Early Years Setting

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Welcome to Kloud Academy on Teachkloud, My name is Adel Lawson and I’ll be your trainer for our Food Safety training. The objective of this programme is to help employees in early childhood and educational services to follow proper guidelines regarding food safety. This will help ensure the food provided to children is free of contaminants and therefore preventing the spread of food-borne illnesses. 

It is a legal obligation in most countries worldwide that workplaces involved in the preparation or serving of meals, have the necessary approvals from the relevant food regulatory bodies. Such considerations are of the utmost importance when it comes to early childhood facilities; since young children are one of the most vulnerable groups to food-borne illnesses.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that 30% of all deaths from food-borne illnesses occur in children under the age of 5 years old. Other studies suggest that such illnesses place significant pressure on paediatric emergency services worldwide.

In order to avoid issues that can arise as a result of food borne illnesses, it is crucial to understand some of the guidelines that may be applicable with regards to food safety within your country of operations. The following modules will however introduce some of the general best practices when it comes to managing food safety within your workplace.

The following modules will be covered in this course:

Module 1: Essentials of Food Safety 

What is food?

What is food safety?

Principles of food safety.

Food-borne infection vs. intoxication.

Causes of food poisoning.

Factors that influence food poisoning.

Food spoilage.

And Finally, Food hazards.


Module 2: Food Safety Control Measures within the Workplace

HAACP System

Temperature control

Preparation and storage

Cleaning and sanitisation

Personal hygiene

Waste disposal

Pest control


Module 3: Healthy Eating in the Early Years Setting

Setting Clear Objectives and Policies:

It is recommended that early years settings develop their own healthy eating guidelines and policies in order to set the correct objectives for managing children eating habits.


Training & Menu Planning

Training for staff is essential, providing details of relevant training programs that can enhance your team’s awareness when it comes to being able to suggest healthy and balanced diets for children. The training should allow for employees to be involved with Menu planning.


Input from dieticians and other experts is always recommended regarding special dietary requirements that children may require. Such experts can work with childcare institution as their partners in developing healthy eating in early year’s settings.


Consultation with Parents

Early years institutions and parents should work together and coordinate regularly to encourage healthy eating in young children. Communication is key, whether this is between parents and the early year’s care providers or between the relevant statutory services.


Early education centres can support parents own knowledge and awareness of healthy eating and through this encourage healthy eating in the home environment. They must also work together in order to apply a consistent approach to healthy eating. 


After completing the course an optional certificate can be purchased for teams and individuals. The date of completion is shown on the certificate. Your countries regulations will determine how long the certificate is valid for. Please Note: We have taken every effort to provide a course based on best practice regarding Food Safety for Early Childhood Professionals. However, it is the learners responsibility to ensure that this course meets the training and legal requirements for their workplace and country.



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