Fundamentals of Nutrition - An Introduction

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What I will learn?
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition

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The Fundamentals of Nutrition
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You are what you eat! Ever heard this saying before? Our bodies and brains are greatly influenced by the food we eat, which is why the general public, professionals in healthcare and education, such as preschool teachers, will find our Fundamentals of Nutrition Course, extremely beneficial.

Get certified in under an hour with engaging modules on:

  • Nutrition - its role in the human physiology and well-being
  • Pathologies caused by poor nutrition, including, malnutrition, obesity, eating disorders and alcoholism
  • Nutrition for pregnant women, children and the elderly 

What Will I Learn?

Module 1 “Nutrition is a science”

We define nutrition and its role in the human physiology and wellbeing, become familiar with macro- and micro-nutrients and explore the fundamental concepts that underpin nutrition, such as calories and energy expenditure. This module offers in-depth explanation and is quite detailed. The first module is presented from an academic standpoint while subsequent modules are presented in a conversational manner.

Module 2: "When Nutrition Goes Wrong"

In the second module of the course, we discuss pathologies caused by poor nutrition, such as obesity, eating disorders and liver disease.

Module 3: An Individual Approach to Nutrition

The third module focuses on nutritional needs, differences and features of population groups such as pregnant women, children, the elderly and people practicing sports.

Module 4: Role of Nutrition in Your Overall Health

The fourth and final module provides a high-level overview of the role of nutrition in your overall healthcare, with a brief introduction to clinical nutrition.

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