Observation, Documentation and Reflective Practice in Early Childhood Education: Practical Strategies

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What I will learn?
  • Observation, documentation and reflective practice in early childhood education
  • Types of observations and implementation

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Assessment, Observation and Reflective Practice in Early Childhood Education and Care
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The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn - Maria Montessori.

Welcome to Kloud Academy and TeachKloud’s course on Assessment, Observation and Reflective Practice in Early Childhood Education and Care.

In this course on observations in early childhood education, we use practical examples and case studies, as we learn more about:

  • What assessment really means in early childhood education and care
  • Why we observe in early childhood settings: Reflecting on Practice
  • What makes a good assessment
  • Types of observational methods and use cases for early childhood educators: Practical Tips
  • Incorporating the voice of the child to guide us in the provision of quality care: Case study with observation template and example
  • Using Technology for efficient documentation: Reducing Burnout
  • Reducing bias in our observation of children’s education and care - Reflection in Practice in Early Childhood Education

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    really enjoyed this course, informative and helpful
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