Sensory Play: Theory and Practice

Sensory play ideas for any learning environment

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What I will learn?
  • Sensory Play in Theory
  • Sensory Play in Practice

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Sensory Play: Theory and Practice
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Sensory Processing Disorder
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  • Sensory Play in Theory
  • Sensory Play in Practice

Sensory Play


Welcome to Kloud Academy’s course on sensory play. This course takes you on a practical journey on creating enriching learning environments that appeal to children’s senses using sensorial learning opportunities. We briefly look at the theory around sensory play and child development. The rest of the course focuses on practical ideas with a real-world example of using specific sensory materials in your early learning environment.

What Does This Course Cover? 

  • What is sensory play?
  • Sensory Play and Early Learning Frameworks
  • Sensory Play and Child Development
  • Sensory Play Activity with a Preschool Child and a Toddler
  • Sensory Play Ideas 
  • Embracing Sensory and Messy Play
  • Sensory Processing Disorder

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