The Emergent Curriculum: Moving from Theory to Practice

Practical Course for Educators and Home Schooling Parents

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What I will learn?

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The Emergent Curriculum: Moving from Theory to Practice
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  • The Emergent Curriculum
  • Implementation of the Emergent Curriculum

The Emergent Curriculum

Using an emergent curriculum, we follow the children’s genuine curiosity. This curiosity arises from children’s play in a natural way. Our expertise and knowledge of the child, parental input and curriculum goals also guide us.

This highly-practical course focuses on the emergent curriculum using case studies, examples and reflective practice exercises for individuals or groups of educators.

What is Covered in Emergent Curriculum: Moving from Theory to Practice?

  • Do Schools Kill Creativity: Reflective Exercise
  • Understanding the Emergent Curriculum
  • Key Characteristics of an Emergent Curriculum 
  • Case Study: Ayooluwa and the Butterfly
  • The 5 Step Emergent Curriculum Framework
  • Guiding Play-Based Learning
  • Encouraging Parental Partnerships
  • The Use of Technology in Documentation and Parent Communication
  • Implementation and Benefits of the Emergent Curriculum
  • Avoiding Pitfalls When Implementing the Emergent Curriculum
  • 100 Languages of Children: Loris Malaguzzi

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