GDPR for Childcare Professionals

This is essential training for anyone working with or on the behalf of children and their families.

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  • GDPR for Childcare
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Introduction for Childcare Owners and Teachers
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GDPR for Childcare Owners and Teachers
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GDPR: What You Need To Know for Childcare Professionals

Welcome to Kloud Academy’s course on the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR. This course, in collaboration with Kloud Academy, was developed by Oriol Llauradó – a GDPR expert who specialises in the digital industry. 

In this course, our objective is to give you, the childcare owner or employee, an overview of the key data protection principles, as well as the rights granted to individuals with respect to their personal data. You work with other people’s personal data as part of your daily, professional life.

You're dealing with information about children, parents and colleagues in our childcare services. As a result, every one of us is responsible for demonstrating compliance when it comes to privacy. Remember: not complying, really, is not an option!

Course Modules

  1. GDPR For Childcare Owners and Employees
  2. History & Context of Privacy Rights
  3. General Data Protection (GDPR) & Related Legislation 
  4. GDPR: Definitions & Why We Use Personal Data
  5. The Seven Principles of Data Protection
  6. Rights of Data Subjects
  7. The Role of the Data Protection Officer
  8. Data Protection Commission
  9. International Transfers
  10. GDPR: Liabilities and Fines

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  • 2021-12-06 09:46:58
    Sandra Grant
    It is a very important subject and I found the video helpful
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