Developmental Psychology: Birth - 12 Years Old

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Developmental Psychology
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Welcome to Kloud Academy and TeachKloud’s course, An Introduction to Developmental psychology from birth to 12 years old. This course offers an introductory insight into developmental psychology. It provides an overview on some of the key stages of development of a child from different perspectives. These include biological, cognitive, social, and emotional, as well as exploring how our development shapes our language and sense of self.


Understanding developmental psychology is key for educators, parents, and policymakers alike. Studying the long-term development of children through to adulthood, helps us to understand human growth and development.


There are three major questions that you may have asked within the realms of developmental psychology:


1.     How does nature or our pre-wiring influence us?

2.     How does nurture or our external environment influence our development? and

  1. Do our early years define who we will become?


Addressing these questions is difficult. Although developmental psychology is often called “child psychology”, development happens throughout our lives. In truth, child psychology is a subsection of developmental psychology, albeit a very large one. The greatest changes occur from the ages of 0 - 18, with the greatest changes to our brain, occurring between birth to five years old.


As a result, addressing the biological, cognitive, and social aspects of a child’s development gives us a full picture of who they will be. Combining a greater understanding of genes and environmental influences, we can build pictures of how a child will grow and change. Register now for this engaging course.

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