Fire Safety Awareness with Certificate of Attendance for Early Childhood Professionals

Module 1: The Theory of Fire Safety Module 2: Fire Protection Systems in the Workplace Module 3: Managing Evacuations and Protecting Lives

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  • Refresher Fire Safety Awareness Course for Early Childhood Professionals with Certificate
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Free Fire Safety Awareness Course

Optional Certificate: €15

There are two main reasons why all early childhood services will need a strong fire safety plan and should therefore take a refresher fire safety course: Young children are not usually able to differentiate an emergency situation from a regular event, and they are not always able to seek help in such a situation.

Many Early Childhood Services work with infants as well as young children, so there is a chance that some of the children present are unable to walk on their own and will need to be carried out of a potential emergency situation by a teacher. Our fire safety course helps to ensure that you will have a comprehensive safety plan in place to protect the safety of these children, but it also helps reduce the possibility of any staff member sustaining an injury in the process.

Early Childhood Services and After Schools in most countries worldwide also have a legal obligation to prepare for emergency situations. Faulty or neglected Fire Protection Equipment could leave the Child Care Centre liable in the case of an emergency. 

Not only is the business responsible for the well-being of the children in their care, but it is also required to make sure that the employees stay safe too. Having a well-planned fire safety procedure is the best way for businesses to prepare for any unexpected emergency situation.

The modules of our fire safety course online for childcare settings look at a number of areas you must be aware of when it comes to managing fire safety within your workplace.

What You Will Learn:

Module 1: The Theory of Fire Safety

Module 2: Fire Protection Systems in the Workplace

Module 3: Managing Evacuations and Protecting Lives


There is a certificate available after course completion for a fee. Upon finishing the course videos, an option to purchase a certificate for yourself or your team will be available. The date of completion is shown on the certificate. Your country's regulations will determine how long the certificate is valid for. 

Please note, we do not give refunds.

About the Instructor

Adel Lawson is an occupational Health and Safety professional with over 20 years of’ experience working in a wide range of industries in the United Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East.

In a training career spanning for many years, Adel has developed and trained more than 50,000 persons working for multinational organisations and fortune 100 companies worldwide.

He has been part of teams which have achieved exceptional safety performances and an advocate of building strong safety cultures through training, strong leadership and behavioural change.

From a strong engineering background, Adel has developed award winning training programs and highly effective training methodologies which ensures organisations achieve the most effective culture changes in the most efficient manner.

Course Attendance and Completion

Please Note: We have taken every effort to provide a course based on best practice regarding fire safety awareness for early childhood teachers. However, it is the learners responsibility to ensure that this course meets the training and legal requirements for their workplace and/or country.

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