On-Demand Yoga Classes for children aged 5+, Parents and Teachers

Yoga focusing on mental health and well-being for children, parents and teachers. Move through the African Safari, take a trip to the beach and much more!

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Hello and welcome to Kloud Academy Movement. I’m Bryony and I’ll be your Yoga teacher today! Your other teacher will be Sarah today! 

Why not learn about your bodies as we meet Mr Arthur Bones? As we put his skeleton together let’s move and groove our own bones too! 

Have you ever played the game I spy with my little eye? Let’s see if you can guess what’s in my mystery box as we stretch and move our bodies into different yoga poses.  

Fancy a trip to the beach? Let’s go surfing and snorkelling to see what sea creatures we can find? 

Whose been on safari? Why not join us now as we explore some amazing African animals.  

Why not do a class with Sarah on the I CAN Mindset to grow your brains and your body! There’s so much to do in our Yoga classes and we can’t wait to meet you. 

Each of these fun yoga classes will encourage you to notice and move your bodies, as we fold forwards and bend backwards and stretch and twist and balance. We will also explore our breathing, think positive thoughts, learn to settle our minds and rest our bodies. As we open our hearts, play and find our joy! We’ll also learn lots of interesting things about ourselves and the subject of each class.  

Yoga helps us to focus, find our calm, exercise, stay fit and healthy and happy - inside and out!  

Thank you so much for joining me on Kloud Academy today. Be sure to leave any comments!  

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Kloud Academy is your video library with the development of the child and teacher in mind! Kloud Academy was launched by TeachKloud - a dedicated nursery management software. Get in touch: hello@kloudacademy.com

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